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After Sex Comments

We know some of you will be stuffing your face this Thanksgiving. But just in case you are stuffing something else, you might want to know who you are dealing with.

Aries: Okay. Lets do it again!

Taurus: I’m hungry. Pass me the pizza.

Gemini: Have you seen the remote?

Cancer: When are we getting married?

Leo: Wasn’t I fantastic?

Virgo: I need to wash these sheets!

Libra: I liked it if you liked it.

Scorpio: Perhaps I should untie you.

Sagittarius: Don’t call me. I will call you.

Capricorn: Do you have a business card?

Aquarius: Lets try it with our clothes off next time.

Pices: What was your name again?


We wish you the Happiest Holiday from Monroe-land.