FREEZE FRAME – Recording artist ‘V Bozeman’

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Londa Hairs

Londa Hairs from Videoeffect on Vimeo.

Brooke Candy – Opulence – Featuring Donato Crowley Designs

FREEZE FRAME – “Lilly Ghalichi” by Justin Frost Photography

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FREEZE FRAME – “Cee lo Green & Goodie Mob” by Justin Frost Photography

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FREEZE FRAME – “Tough Sissy” by Justin Frost

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FREEZE FRAME – Featuring Donato Crowley Designs

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‘Dancing in the Sun’ by Barbara Munoz – Directed by Justin Frost

Justin Frost Teams up with FCKH8 for the 2015 Calendar


 STR8 and GAY joining together to FCKH8!
Justin Frost is teaming up with FCKH8 for their 2015 Calendar. Looking for both straight and gay men to be featured in the 2015 FCKH8 Calendar. Please send all submissions to by August 25th.
FCKH8. com is a t- shirt company with an activist heart and a passionate social change mission: arming thousands of people with pro- LGBT equality T- shirts that act as “ mini- billboards” for change. Started in 2010 with comedic viral videos that captured millions of views on YouTube, FCKH8. com has shipped over 150, 000 equality tees, tanks and hoodies to supporters in over 100 countries. T- shirts emblazoned with bold messages like “ Some Chicks Marry Chicks, Get Over It, ” “ Straight Against Hate, ” and ” Legalize Love” have been publicly talked about by celebrities including Jane Lynch, Adam Lambert, Perez Hilton, and Zac Efron – who’ s raved about his own “ Some Dudes Marry Dudes, Get Over It” shirt in the press. Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi even have their own pink “ Some Chicks Marry Chicks, Get Over It” buttons. With over 300, 000 fans on Facebook and 40, 000 on Twitter, FCKH8. com has given over $250, 000 to the equality cause through directly funded projects and donations to LGBT charities.