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Monroe-Land Mag Issue 36 – “Grand Finale”

This will be Monroe-land’s last and final issue. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you loyal followers, models, designers, beauty team members, crew, etc. that helped us obtain miraculous goals. We have been running the magazine for three years and have had over four million hits. This is because all of you.

This is not goodbye. It is so long for now. Keep your eyes open for what is next.

Your friend,

-Justin Monroe

Grand Finale

Monroe-Land Mag Issue 35 – “Super Soaker”

Super Soaker

Monroe-Land Mag Issue 34 – “Amazing Grace”

Amazing Grace

Monroe-Land Mag Issue 32 – “Amour Sale”

Amour Sale

Monroe-Land Mag Issue 31 – “Generally Speaking”

Generally Speaking

Monroe-Land Mag Issue 30 – “Diamonds and Furs”

Diamonds and Furs

Cover Model: Steven Dehler


Monroe-Land Mag Issue 29 – “Feast Your Eyes”

Toys for Boys


In celebration of 3,000,000 views, is taking on a new look. Stay tuned for a new and improved