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Mike Winchester Models opening ceremony fashions for The Wild

Mike-Winchester-The-Wild-Opening-Ceremony-Fall-2014-001 Mike-Winchester-The-Wild-Opening-Ceremony-Fall-2014-002 Mike-Winchester-The-Wild-Opening-Ceremony-Fall-2014-003 Mike-Winchester-The-Wild-Opening-Ceremony-Fall-2014-004

‘Hotel Amour’ featuring Marta Dyks and her Boyfriend

marta-dyks-model02 marta-dyks-model03 marta-dyks-model04 marta-dyks-model05 marta-dyks-model06

FREEZE FRAME – “Visual Therapy”


FREEZE FRAME – Neon Trees Frontman ‘Tyler Glenn’ for GT Mag

Justin Frost_Tyler Glenn_01 Justin Frost_Tyler Glenn_04 Justin Frost_Tyler Glenn_05 Justin Frost_Tyler Glenn_06

FREEZE FRAME – ‘Guns N Roses’



Wicked_1 Wicked_2 Wicked_3 Wicked_4 Wicked_5

Londa Hairs

Londa Hairs from Videoeffect on Vimeo.

Brooke Candy – Opulence – Featuring Donato Crowley Designs

FREEZE FRAME – “Cee lo Green & Goodie Mob” by Justin Frost Photography

Justin Frost_Goodie Mob_01 Justin Frost_Goodie Mob_02 Justin Frost_Goodie Mob_03 Justin Frost_Goodie Mob_04 Justin Frost_Goodie Mob_05

FREEZE FRAME – Featuring Donato Crowley Designs

Justin Frost_Donato Style_01